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A power full Core Line to celebrate your body and stay in shape

How to use a power full core line in your yoga practice.

part 1

Many times I come across yoga students who want to gain more core strength and then they refer to their abdominal muscles. Its true that you can gain some core strength in that area but what if I say that that is not just your core and that you need to work in other area's in the body that will cultivate a lot of core strength for your body would that be new to you?

Way more important and interesting core muscles are your inner thigh muscles, your pelvic floor muscles and the psoas muscles.

Your power in yoga practice comes from your foundation so grounding down is essential.

So lets look at this:

If we look at the inner thigh muscles and how we can activate them, we need to become aware of our foundation first. When pressing into the earth, (feet pressing down) it effects the core alignment.

In mountain pose, bend your knees a bit, and then lift your toes and feel how that starts to draw up the inner thighs. As you press feet down (bony part) inner thighs zip up into the groins, drawing lower belly in and up lower belly ignites which will lift the pubic bone and activates the psoas muscle, then slowly straighten your legs and feel you are tracking from inner thighs, pelvic floor, up the psoas a beautiful and powerful core line.

If you want to feel and work with this power full core line in your yoga practice, come to my core flow classes so you can experience and feel your self and you will learn to celebrate your body and stay in shape with this new and revolutionary Core Strength practice.

Next blog will be about using some more core muscles and how to create a core wave.

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