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Vinyasa Flow Class during Teacher Training


Teacher Training

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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training





We believe that yoga is highly personal and that it is from the own experience that a yogi can become a guide to other people.


Would you like to dive into your yoga practice?


Better understanding of the energetics of yoga?


Explore how to apply yoga philosophy to your daily life?


Dive into a transformational process?


Understand your nervous system and how yoga is of great support to regulate it?


How to teach yoga in an uplifting, down to earth, dynamic, and authentic way?

Meditation Group


This life changing journey will deepen your connection with yourself and nurture your love and passion for Yoga and Self development

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You came to the right place

This life changing journey will deepen your connection with yourself and nurture your love and passion for yoga and self-development.

In this 200H Vinyasa Teacher Training you get the opportunity to become a confident, exceptional, qualified yoga teacher. We will share many tools (for details keep on reading), but most of all a space where you can develop your very own personal way of becoming a teacher.

You will walk away with a toolkit full of skills. Equally, if teaching is not in your plans, we will support you in living your yoga and gain deep understanding of the physical practice as well as the deeper layers of yoga.



You will learn to understand your own body through yoga asana and to read the bodies around you. Understanding and working with alignment, its benefits and contraindications will take your practice to the next level. We will use this foundation to teach you how each body is unique and has different needs.


Ever experienced those yoga classes where everything seems to fall into place? Big chance you experienced ’Flow’. As a teacher you can guide your students into a flow. A specific combination of movement, breath, pacing, and transitions will build this. In this training you will learn the foundations of how to create ‘Flow’.


In this course, we will teach you the arc of a yoga class and how to break poses down into groups that have similar movements that complement one another. This allows you to put poses with similar functionality together easily to ensure safety and creativity based on understanding the method of Vinyasa Krama (steps by step progression)


One of our core values is the integration of the philosophy of yoga into daily life. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the foundational text of yoga. We will read it through the lens of modern living. And you will discover how this ancient book is still very much up to date.  You can expect to learn about the history and evolution of yoga in which a lot of wisdom is to be found.


The big regulator of our body is our nervous system. In these times of overload it’s often out of balance. A great way to bring this balance back … is yoga! How yoga influences our nervous system directly is one of the things you will discover. And learn to use in your life and teaching.


Since yoga is all about creating balance, there will be attention for the art of relaxation as well. We will explore the difference between yin and restorative. And make you feel comfortable with teaching restorative poses.  As an extra addition, we also offer yoga nidra practices during the training. 


You will learn anatomy from a yogi!  Through our on-line anatomy course you will have to possibility to study with the world known yoga anatomy teacher David Keil who will teach you anatomy directly linked to the yoga practice.  You will understand the principles of anatomy and body mechanics, the key muscles, bones, joints and connective structures and alignment principles that foster both understanding and safe application of asana practice.


You will learn how the breath works and how you can make the breath work for you! Six pranayama’s are waiting for you to be learned in depth and to teach

Upcoming Teacher Training 2024

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 2024

 September 2024 

11 weekends

From 14 September 2024 till 6th April 2025

For who is the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training ?

Anyone who is curious to meet the teacher within

Everyone who wants to introduce yoga into their daily life

For those who want to bring their practice to the next level

For everyone who feels it is time to follow their passion and
make that step towards sharing yoga

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Your Study Weekends

  • Daily Practice: Vinyasa Yoga Classes with a Theme

  • Pranayama Technique

  • Posture labs: Postures Breakdown

  • Lectures with different Topics related to Vinyasa Yoga

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Relaxation Technique

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterised by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.  Commonly referred to as flow yoga, it is sometimes confused with 'Power Yoga'.

Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever a like. The opposite would be “fixed forms” such as Bikram Yoga, which features the same 26 postures in every class, or Ashtanga which has the same sequence every time.

The variable nature of Vinyasa Yoga helps to develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen if you are always doing the same thing every day.

As a philosophy, Vinyasa recognises the temporary nature of things.  We enter into a posture, are there for a while and then leave.

Training will be led by Marlene Henny and
Fleur van Zonneveld


Marlene Henny | E-RYT 500 hr

I am a passionate Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who loves to share the beauty of yoga, creating a platform to help people truly experience their BEST LIFE!

Yoga to me is a lifestyle that isn’t limited to the yoga mat, it helps me breathe and flow through life and be present to experience life as it is. It gives me moments of bliss which I experience during and after my practice!

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Marlene Henny
Experienced Yoga Teacher - E-RYT500
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Invest in your Future


Early Bird
€2950,- Excl BTW (1st of July)


€3150,- Excl BTW

Certified Teacher Yoga Alliance-RYS-200 jpg.jpg

The Course Package includes

All educational classes, and learning material such a manual for you to keep

A graduation ceremony and celebration with your classmates.

Yoga Alliance standard RYS – 200 certificate upon successful completion

Access to create your yoga career using the Vinyasa Yoga Method

Ultimately you will get much more than you paid for. Safe and inspiring environment. New friends for life. Unlimited love and care. Beautiful memories. Things money can’t buy.


Review Linda kopie.png

The Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training was an amazing journey for me. I have learnt a lot, not only about the art of teaching yoga but also to enjoy my yoga practice much more than ever. The group was just perfect, we were so different from each other, each of us with different motivations and intentions, and this created a synergy that makes me smile just thinking about it. Big hug to my unforgettable teachers, Marlene and Fleur, who made the magic possible.’


Are You Ready?

If you are looking for a yoga teacher training course that not only gives you the skills and knowledge to expand your practice, but also gives you the confidence to follow your dreams and start your own yoga career, this training is the perfect choice and place to get started.


  • Deepen your practice and explore modern yoga philosophy applied to this time.​

  • Have an immersive experience where you interact with like-minded people and gain insights beyond what can be found in books.

  • Find your own way of teaching yoga that is not prescriptive of any particular style.

  • Understand the connections of the different areas of yoga: from asana to pranayama to meditation.

  • A place where you feel welcome, where your teacher guides you on a path of transformation and where you have a life-changing experience.

  • Learn how to use new skills and practice to teach and help others on their journey.

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Marlene Henny experienced yoga teacher
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