• Core Flow & Cueing Training

    A two day Online Zoom Training for Teachers


    With the Core Flow & Cueing course you will walk away with new insight an lots of tools for your teaching and practice and feel inspired and introduce your students to a interesting way of practicing with magical core principles.


  • What you will learn:

    A totally different perspective on how to practice and teach core and to corporate the core as a bigger concept. You will learn how to practice and teach the core principles, core waves, core signature poses, effective core moves, core anatomy and how to work with the Deep Core Line. Know how to adjust your class plan based on who shows up and the needs of the students. Become a master communicator How to add core principles and core signature poses in your ongoing (online) vinyasa classes

    This workshops counts towards Yoga Alliance continuing education credits: Yacep

    For who is this for?

    For new yoga teachers

    Yoga teacher trainees

    Yoga teacher wannabes

    Experienced yoga teachers looking how to implement creative, interesting core methods in their on going classes


    Date: 9/10 Oct 2021

    Time: 13.00-18.00

  • Pricing




    l Pricing |127,50

    (Expires 15 Aug 30, 2021)


    Program Pricing

    l Pricing |170


    Payment via:

    Bank Transfer or Paypal

  • What a amazing training this is. Now I know how to incorporate the core aspect in yoga practice. Thank you Marlene! Inge

    I have learned so much new insight about the core. Core flow is a uplifting, fun and creative way of doing vinyasa yoga practice. It was magical! Thanks, Wendy

    The Core Flow training gave me so much new inside and knowledge about the core aspect in vinyasa yoga practice. Now I am able to teach core in a creative and insightful way. Following the training online was surprisingly easy to do and to follow. Thank you Marlene! Esther

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