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    Learn how to survive sitting all day at work or home


    Undo the damage of your desk job

    Yoga Poses and Fitness Exercise you can do at your desk

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    Getting rid of the common workplace symptoms will help to reduce hip and low back tightness, neck and shoulder stiffness, poor posture, shallow breathing and wrist strain for example.

    The ideal antidote to days spent at your desk, a typical yoga pose will stretch out tired and tight muscles, strengthen and tone the whole body and induce calm and relaxation with stress-busting breathing practices, and benefits from feeling more energy. Think of it as a happy medium between sitting for eight hours and hitting the yoga studio when you just don't have the time.



    Fitness-inspired easy, exercises will help you get toned, strong and conditioned from top to toe.

    While you won't get to the Olympics this way, you can do muscles strengthening and short fitness exercise at your desk so this is your secret weapon to a pain-free and strong body.

    A brilliant fitness exercise program to empower your body, and tone the muscles for better posture so expect to reduce back pain and be less inclined to slump at your desk and benefit from a stronger and well align the body. Think of it as a happy medium between sitting for eight hours and hitting the gym when you just don't have the time.

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    Yoga/Fitness exercise, promise to stretch, strengthen and de-stress all who take part. I can offer a regular daily or weekly accessible yoga, meditation, breath work and or fitness inspired workout practice for your You or your Staff!

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