• Corporate Yoga

    Improve workplace morale - reduce stress - helps combat work related illness

  • Why have Yoga at work?

    Improves satisfaction at work


    Getting rid of the common workplace symptoms will help to reduce hip and low back tightness, neck and shoulder stiffness, poor posture, shallow breathing and wrist strain for example.

    The ideal antidote to days spent at your desk, a typical yoga class will stretch out tired and tight muscles, strengthen and tone the whole body and induce calm and relaxation with stress-busting breathing practices. and benefit from feeling more energy.


    Your secret weapon to a pain-free body and the perfect posture, a Pilates-inspired practice class will blend strength and flexibility training to help you get toned, strong and conditioned from top to toe. A brilliant practice for injury rehabilitation and prevention, you'll also learn much greater awareness of your posture, so expect to reduce back pain and be less inclined to slump at your desk and benefit from a stronger and well align the body.

  • What I Offer


    Yoga/Pilates classes promise to stretch, strengthen and de-stress all who take part. Interested in a regular weekly or monthly accessible Yoga and or Pilates inspired workout practice for your staff?


    Perfect for wellness days at work I can provide a workshop for your staff that will give them tools for good posture and to helps manage stress as well as relaxation strategies that really work!

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