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    The Core Flow and Art of Sequencing Module can be booked for Teacher Trainings or as separate Modules

    The Sequencing Course



    The Sequencing Course

    17/18/19 Aug 2018

    This 3-day course is for teachers who want to learn the basic sequencing building blocks for creating your own sequences for your classes. I designed this course for yoga teachers to become well equipped with all the tools for efficient and smart sequencing. By the end of this course, you will be able to plan, create and deliver organised yoga classes that are not always the same, but effective and interesting for your students.


    Core Flow Module



    Advanced Studies: Core Flow Module

    24/25 Nov 1/2/3 Dec 2018

    Core Flow Module for teachers. In this module, you learn a totally different perspective on how to practice and teach Core and to corporate the core as a bigger concept than just navel back to your spine. You will learn how to practice and teach the core principles, core waves, core signature poses, effective core moves, core anatomy and how to work with the Deep Core Line. Learn what you did not learn in your 200 H Teacher Training.



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