• Sequencing & Cueing Training

    A two day Online Zoom Sequencing Training for New Yoga Teachers
    With the Sequencing & Cueing course you will not need to spend hours watching over YouTube videos for ideas, or copying other people's classes


  • What you will learn:
    A proven framework for creating your own unique yoga class plans
    Learn a simple formula and template for creative yoga class sequencing.
    Template you need for cueing
    Sequencing a class to a Peak Pose
    Focus Poses vs. Peak Poses
    Know how to adjust your class plan based on who shows up and the needs of the students.
    Become a master communicator.

    This workshops (10 hours) count towards Yoga Alliance continuing education credits: Yacep

  • For who is this for?

    For new yoga teachers

    Yoga teacher trainees

    Yoga teacher wannabes

    Experienced yoga teachers looking for smart & creative methods



    Date: 23/24 Oct 2021

    Time: 13.00-18.00


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    l Pricing |170


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  • I feel that I came away with a greater understanding of how to craft a more intelligent yoga session and my students are already commenting on the difference.

    Thank you so much!!Jacqueline xx

    this course was a real eye-opener for me. I feel much more confident to build my own balanced and creative sequence. After my first class after this course, different students came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the class and that they felt I was teaching in a much more balanced and calm way!'Anne xxx

    The yoga sequencing course by Marlene Henny is very well structured, based on deep knowledge, experience and most important its fun and easy to follow. For me personally: I have a much better understanding of the principles of sequencing and so much more fun in sequencing a class. Theresia

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