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Privacy Policy & Cookies

Klik hier voor de  Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement in het  Nederlands.


I am aware that you place trust in my services and service. I therefore see it as my responsibility to protect your privacy in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


On this page we will let you know what data we may collect when you visit my website and use the website, why we collect this data and how we improve your user experience. I hope to offer you optimal transparency about my working method, and to meet your privacy rights.

This privacy policy applies to all my products and services. You should be aware that I am not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites and sources. I respect the privacy of all users of my services and do my utmost to ensure that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. Through this statement I let you know which data I collect when you use my services, including my website, my Social Media, my video platform and my contact form, why I collect this data and how I can be of service to you.

To provide goods and services that you have purchased:
To inform you about (changes to) my services and products that you have previously purchased. You can always unsubscribe from this via a link in the relevant email:
To send the newsletters and mailing for which you have signed up; To determine, in case of participation in a workshop, event or training, whether participation in this 'service' will not cause unforeseen and undesirable problems; To tailor my range of products and services to your preferences based on your surfing behaviour. I only do this with your permission (see cookies).

Personal data is processed because you use my services and/or because you provide this data to me yourself. Below you will find an overview of the personal data that I may process, depending on the product or service you purchase, and the purpose for which I collect this data.

- First and last name: Communication purposes
- Gender: Communication purposes, marketing purposes, customer profile
- Date of Birth: Customer Profile, Marketing Purposes

I do not intend to collect data from website visitors under the age of 16. However, it is not possible to check the age of visitors. If I unintentionally have information about your child, please contact us by email: to have this information removed.


I do not intend to collect data from website visitors under the age of 18. However, it is not possible to check the age of visitors. If I unintentionally have information about your child, please contact us by email: to have this information removed.

Personal data is processed as follows for the following purposes:
To handle your registration and/or payment after you have purchased a product or service;
Address details: Communication purposes
Phone Number: Communication Purposes
E-mail address: Communication purposes

Location data: Communication purposes

Information about your activities on my website and my e-mail system: Communication purposes, customer profile, marketing purposes

Information about your activities when participating in 1 of my online courses: Customer profile, communication purposes, marketing purposes


Other personal data that you actively provide by registering for a lesson or an online lesson, training, workshop or event, in correspondence by e-mail and or by telephone, that are relevant to your participation in the event or course. Examples of this are information about injuries, complaints or allergies. This makes it possible for me to help and support you as best as possible while participating in my activities and to let you practice as safely as possible.

I am also bound by legal, administrative obligations and, for example, need certain information for accounting and tax returns.

Newsletter subscribers are the email address, possibly provided with a name. When you purchase a product or service from me or sign up for my newsletter, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this privacy statement (see also link in general terms and conditions). Every newsletter you receive from me contains a link with which you can unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter if you wish.

Mailchimp (newsletter):
I use Mailchimp to send emails. For example, if you click on a part of the e-mail, your data will be sent to this external party. Mailchimp keeps track of which pages people visit on the website. So-called tags are also used, e.g. 'has attended workshop x'. This makes it possible to send emails to a specific part of the mailing list.

Online Lessons and Training:
The intellectual property rights to and/or arising from the Online services, including all content of the online services, rests with MarleneYoga, unless stated otherwise. The Customer is not permitted to reproduce, store, publish, frame, edit or create derivative  works of any Service or information, in any form whatsoever, by any means, whether electronically, by photocopying, recordings or in any other way or in any way contribute to this, without the prior written permission of MarleneYoga. Excluded from this is the sharing of news items and content, which are clearly intended to be shared via social media.

The Customer is not entitled to sell and/or transfer its rights and/or obligations under the Agreement to any third party, without MarleneYoga's permission. MarleneYoga is entitled to sell and/or transfer its rights and/or obligations under the Agreement. or transfer it
without the consent of the Customer.

Cookies and profiling:

A cookie is a small information file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit a website. I use functional, analytical and marketing cookies. By combining your data – manually or with the help of cookies – I can send you more targeted content and better match your interests, prior knowledge and products that you have already purchased.

On your first visit to my website you were informed about the cookies that are used and you have/did not consent to the placing of marketing cookies. This permission is stored with a cookie, so that you do not receive a cookie notification with every visit and does not store any personal data. Cookies that store your cookie consent also fall into this category.

Analytical cookies:
Services such as Google Analytics use analytical cookies. For example, I see how visitors use the website, what popular pages are, and through which channel people arrive at the website. Google Analytics uses the IP addresses of website visitors for the statistics. In theory, it is possible to find out more information about someone based on a full IP address, even if this is not allowed. You can always adjust or withdraw your consent on the cookie page. This page also contains a complete overview of the cookies we use. Just a brief explanation here.

Functional or technical cookies:
Functional (technical) cookies ensure that the website works properly on all devices and in all browsers. If you do not see this lock, please contact our office at

Marketing or tracking cookies:
Marketing cookies, also known as tracking cookies, keep track of your surfing behavior so that I can offer customized content and advertisements.

Social media:
The Facebook pixel keeps track of which Facebook visitors visit my pages. Based on this, it is possible, among other things, to create advertisements, specifically for the people who have visited a certain page. You can easily share messages with me. Social share buttons work with cookies. I have no access to the data collected by social media. Do you want to know how they handle data, view the privacy policy of Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram |Youtube | Vimeo | Pinterest | Twitter


We limit the risk of misuse of your data with up-to-date security measures. Think of loss of your data (data leak) and unsolicited changes. Only the necessary persons have access to the data. This access is well protected. The website has an SSL certificate, recognizable by the green lock in the address bar: data you provide is sent via an encrypted connection.

Retention period & inspection:
I do not store your personal data for longer than is necessary. If you unsubscribe from the mailing list, Mailchimp will save the unsubscribe to ensure that you no longer receive the newsletter.

This privacy statement is tailored to the use of and the possibilities on my websites. Any adjustments and/or changes to the website may lead to changes to this privacy statement. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult this privacy statement.

Questions and feedback:
I will be regularly checked whether I comply with this privacy statement. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can contact me using the details below. If you feel that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of misuse, please
contact us.


This also applies to questions or complaints about the processing of your personal data by me. If we cannot resolve it together, you have the right under privacy legislation to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority

Minors: If you are 18 years or younger, you are not allowed to use my website.

Changes to this Privacy Statement: I may change this Privacy Statement from time to time. Changes will be published on my website. I never use your data for other purposes without permission. It is therefore recommended that you consult this Privacy Statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

Dutch Data Protection Authority Of course I am happy to help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data. If you nevertheless do not agree with me, you also have the right under privacy legislation to file a complaint with the privacy supervisor,
the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority
for this.

Contactgegevens: MarleneYoga

Keizerrijk 86 3hg

1012 VM Amsterdam

KvK: 34367353

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