• Private Sessions

    Receive personalised classes that meets your specific needs with Yoga, Pilates and Core Flow expert Marlene Henny!

  • A unique class just for you

    I will design a practice ( pilates inspired) and stretch ( yoga inspired) practice for your needs. Before we begin your personal class we will do an evaluation together to determine what your goals are, your weak spots, where you would like to improve etc. This way the class will be intelligently designed and completely to your needs!

  • Personal Training

    Online or Offline

    Your personal training session last for 60 minutes.

    For 'offline' private sessions I am located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    I am also able to come to your location for your personal session provided that you live in the Amsterdam area.

  • In person



    via Skype


  • In order to secure your booking, payment will be expected 2 days prior to your scheduled session.

    If a payment has not been made, your booking will be cancelled, unless otherwise arranged with Marlene.

  • Practice with Marlene Online

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