• Personal Online Classes

    Enjoy a personalized class - designed to your specific needs via Skype. A 60-minute session costs €65

    A session can be taught in English and or Dutch.

    Online Classes on Ekhart Yoga

    I have over 90 classes to choose from on ekhartyoga.com. My classes are a blend of Core Flow Vinyasa yoga, dance and Iyengar yoga. I emphasize energetic alignment, creating space in the body and synchronizing movement and breath.

  • Skype Yoga

    Personalised yoga sessions via Skype has changed the way we can learn and grow our yoga practice. It also means that we can no longer use our busy schedules as an excuse not to practice. With virtual yoga you can fit it into a time that suits you... and you can practice anywhere!

  • How It Works


    Contact me

    Fill out my inquiry form so we can start the conversation.



    Once the session has been booked, you need to secure your booking. Payment can be done via PayPal. Confirmation of your payment will be sent to you.


    Your Virtual Class

    We are good to go. Log on to Skype (it's free) on the agreed time and date and I'll be there to lead you in your unique class.

  • What You Need

    Yoga gear

    You need a yoga mat and any other gear that makes your practice easier.
    e.g. a mat, blanket, blocks (or books), belt etc. If not available, we will work with anything else.

    The Tech Stuff

    In order to be able to see and hear each other for our virtual yoga class you need to make sure you have the following:

    - a laptop or a computer with a web camera and a built-in microphone

    - a good internet connection

    - a Skype account (it's free)

  • Pricing

    60 Minute Session


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