• Core Flow Training Module2017

    The Core Flow Training 2018

    A Five day Module


    ​8 March till 12 March 2018

    Teacher Training and Advanced Studies


    Info Training Module:

    Join, the creator of Core Flow Yoga, Marlene Henny in her vinyasa based Core Flow Module for teachers and gain new insights to boost your classes, your yoga career and learn what they did not teach you in your teacher training!


    . This training can also be booked for 200/300 H Teacher Trainings


    The Module combines Core anatomy knowledge creative, intelligent sequencing, non-linear movements through interesting transitions, core principles, core waves, to rock, to connect and to develop your self as a teacher and your students inside and out. All this translates into teaching unique classes and you, becoming a in-demand CFY instructor.

    You will be gaining more energetics and self-clarity and will be able to apply what you learned in this training, immediately. This is a great investment for your professional growth but also for personal development you would not want to miss for the world


    Why take this 6 day CF Module and what will you learn?

    To discover new realms so you can bring it on to the next level, being different, yet knowledgeable, creative and teaching classes that are more fun and out of the ordinary, teaching them from a personal place.

    You will learn what they did not teach you in your teacher training so more is available to you when you come to take your teaching to the next level in just a short time together.


    Trainings Highlights:

    Core Anatomy, aspects of the Core and the Four Cores

    How to physically move into core alignment and the anatomy of flow

    The order of teaching any pose in CFY, how to meet the earth and teaching from the earth into core and expression.

    - The Deep Core Line and how to work with it and teach it.

    - Signature CFY poses

    - Core Flow Transitions, Core Waves

    - The Core Flow Cues ( powerful languaging to support your teaching)

    - Core Flow template sequences

    - A Core Flow playlist to rock your classes to the fullest


    What I am going to get from this Module?

    Improving your knowledge of core anatomy and core alignment in your classes

    Knowing how to instruct core signature poses in a way students will feel more, connect more and get better results in their practice.

    Being able to teach creatively and intelligently, knowing how to teach the core waves, core transitions and the core breath and how to use powerful language to support your teaching.

    At the end of this training you will be centered, inspired and empowered to skill fully guide others into the landscape of their bodies, minds and hearts and teach in a powerful, uplifting and joyful way.


    What is the target audience?

    Yoga instructors who know the foundations of teaching yoga. Please know that this training is for those who are already certified by a in person teacher training program or are in a yoga teacher training and are teaching or are at the beginning of teaching public classes.


    The Module will cover 6 Days/50 hours



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