• Art of Sequencing Module

    Creative sequencing for Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    THE ART and buildings blocks of SEQUENCING 2017

    A Six Day Module

    2/3/16/17/24 Sept 2017

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    Info Training Module:


    This Module is for teachers who want to deepen their knowledge about creative sequencing. Learn what you did not learn in your Teacher Training before and become well equipped with this new approach to Vinyasa Sequencing.


    . This training can also be booked for 200/300 H Teacher Trainings


    Created by Marlene Henny, this module is for 200/ 300 H Yoga Teacher Trainings and graduates or experienced teachers who are looking to deepen their understanding of how to sequence and create a vinyasa based class and to incorporate vinyasa flow sequencing into their teaching. The training will both benefit your own practice as well as enrich your understanding of sequencing and teaching skills.


    A great yoga class requires excellent sequencing. The course will explore the role of sequencing in creating ease and balance for the body and mind, as well as how to work with asana, pranayama to create balance of the subtle body. These six days will give you time to experience and understand what it means to create intelligent and creative sequences for your classes. After the course you will be able to confidently create seamless yoga classes to meet a myriad of different needs and conditions and to leave room for personal style.


    Why takes this 6 day Module and what will you learn?

    The course combines practice and theory. You will be taught a vinyasa flow class each day complete with sequencing theory, and discussion time to explore how and why the class was structured. I believe that good understanding is key to a seamless and effective sequence so this course helps you to understand how and when to amend a sequence.

    You will have the opportunity to be taught and to teach. Within the group setting you will brainstorm specific themes to create your own class plans. The study of vinyasa karma ( step by step progression) will inform you on how to incorporate poses to progressively strengthen and release the body to work towards peak poses and how to embody Flow.


    Want I am going to get from this Module?

    You will walk out well equipped with all the tools and understanding of sequencing and with improved class planning, insights into intelligent, invigorating, dynamic, fun, and well organized sequences you have learned to create yourself, ready to teach vinyasa flow and how to teach with understanding, confidence and essence and at the same time leave room for personal style and further development.

    You will learn to teach something different and feel inspired to rock your classes again.


    Trainings Highlights:

    Foundations of Sequencing in a intelligent way within a structure and asana choreography that will deliberately and creatively build into peak poses to open and strengthen specific area’s of the body.

    Enable students to strengthen and open specific areas of the physical body safely and progressively, to access more complex postures.

    Learning all about vinyasa krama and how to apply it and all the group postures.

    Group practice sessions creating sequences based on peak poses, body area’s, a muscles group and theme’s and how to create the Flow.

    Creating a class: learn the principles of sequencing, understanding the map to navigate from.

    Transitions, how to guide students through transitions.

    Learning the use of modifications and variation.

    How to teach beginners [modifications] and all levels.


    What is the target audience?

    These 6 days are ideal for teachers who are looking to get inspired with new aspects of teaching in a structured and creative atmosphere.


    The Module will cover 6 Days/50 hours

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