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    Marlene Henny is one of Hollands leading Vinyasa yoga teachers, instructing students in her unique brand of creative vinyasa and dynamic core flow.

    "I am a passionate Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who loves to share the beauty of yoga, creating a platform to help people truly experience their BEST LIFE!"


    Coming from a bohemian upbringing, Marlene found herself after living a more wild lifestyle, having fallen in love with dance. But after a while, the dance world melted into the background and yoga came into the foreground. Yoga taught her to accept herself with all of her flaws. She learned how to be strong and gentle and self-compassionate. Through yoga, she has discovered how to be a beautiful human. But the most important realisation has been the empowerment of being her authentic self, sharing the love and sharing of unique gifts.


    Marlene has a unique ability to naturally inspire a deeper understanding of the flow of breath, movement and mindful connections in Yoga. In her teaching she emphasises energetic alignment, creating space in the body and synchronising movement and breath. She teaches with a clear eye on body alignment and gives precise guidance on how to work intelligently with yoga. With her background in dance, Marlene's classes incorporate a creative flow of movement. She teaches her students to be in the present moment, to explore themselves. Her signature classes are her Core Flow classes and Tiger Flow series.


    Marlene has become a renowned name in the Yoga world in the Netherlands and is an experienced yoga teacher for 15 years. She is recognised as an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500).

    She studied Iyengar yoga and Prana Flow and Trance Dance with Shiva Rea and Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardine.

    She is a senior and experienced certified yoga teacher who teaches classes, workshops and yoga teacher training modules including "The Art of Sequencing Module" and "The Core Flow Module". She is qualified to train students at 200 and 300 hours level teacher training and was and is a leading yoga teacher trainer at several yoga studios and the Summer Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training hosted by Yagoy. She teaches with enthusiasm, dedication and love.

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