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    Marlene Henny is one of Hollands leading Vinyasa Yoga Teachers, instructing students in her unique brand of creative vinyasa and dynamic core flow.


    "I am a passionate Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who loves to share the beauty of yoga, creating a platform to help people truly experience their BEST LIFE!"

    Yoga to me is a lifestyle that isn’t limited to the yoga mat, it helps me breath and flow through life and be present to experience life as it is. It gives me moments of bliss which I experience during and after my practice!


    A yoga teacher and student for over a decade, with a background in dance, Marlene uses her knowledge of the mind-body connection, energy, and deep core dynamics and anatomy to help students tap into their full potential and to connect with a more empowered place. A dynamic and transformative yoga teacher who takes a no-nonsense approach to vinyasa flow to transform and uplift her students' practice, spirit and life to bring new and empowering ways to help them find a positive and stronger way of being themselves.

    In addition to teaching yoga, leading 200 and 300 Hour teacher training, yoga retreats and teaching YOGA ONLINE via EKHART YOGA and working with individual clients for 18 years now, she developed Core Flow Yoga in 2009 inspired by one of her dance teachers in the past and her vinyasa-based self- practice


    Marlene has become a renowned name in the Yoga world in the Netherlands and is an experienced yoga teacher.

    She is and recognised as an experienced registered yoga teacher E-RYT®500, YACEP®

    She studied Modern Dance, Iyengar Yoga and Prana Flow and Trance Dance with Shiva Rea and Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini.

    She is a senior and experienced yoga teacher who teaches her own developed online Trainings including "Core Flow Training" and "Sequencing Training" corporate yoga programs as well as online yoga. She developed the Flow Now Academy together with Fleur van Zonneveld, a academy that offers vinyasa teacher trainings and training modules for teachers. She teaches core flow and vinyasa classes at at De Nieuwe Yogaschool in the Netherlands and teaches with enthusiasm, dedication and love.

  • Core Flow

    Marlene's unique style of Yoga since 2009

    Core Flow Yoga is a practice that celebrates your yoga practice and body!

    Through my dance background in the past and dance expressions, I have discovered interesting moves that I have interwoven into my yoga practise that awakens and strengthens a core line that is not just based with working the obvious core. Through a series of dynamic core waves, you'll strengthen your muscles deep in the body that support the spine as you move your body through a dynamic, and interesting Core Practice.

    In this style of doing yoga, you move through a vinyasa yoga practice with specific core movements and transitions and core signature poses brought together with creative, dynamic and wave-like moves and sequences. In this practice, you generate better alignment and stability, and you improve strength and flexibility and core awareness.

    More than just your Physical Core

    However, there is more to 'Core Strength' than just your physical muscles. Our inner core strength can also refer to the ethical, emotional and spiritual essence of who you are. One of the main reasons for practising yoga is to become aware of what and where that core is and to be able to act from that authentic centre of your being.

    It takes effort and awareness, but yoga practice provides the opportunity to evolve. The core is where we start. You'll have to experience for yourself that this unique and powerful practice will make you feel more aligned physically, energetically, spark-full and alive.

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