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Yoga: Welkom

Enrich your life with Marlene Henny Yoga

I'm Marlene! Welcome to my site


Marlene Henny Yoga

I am a passionate Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who loves to share the beauty of yoga and working with the body, mind and soul, creating a platform to help people truly experience their best life!

Yoga to me is a lifestyle that isn’t limited to the yoga mat, it helps me breathe and flow through life and be present to experience life as it is. It gives me moments of bliss which I experience during and after my practice!

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Marlene Henny

Professional & Personalized

Regularly practising yoga has countless advantages, from increased focus to heightened flexibility. Have a look at the classes and trainings I offer and see if there is something special for YOU!

Yoga: Lessen
Yoga Class

Yoga Classes

Enjoy weekly Online Core Flow and Vinyasa Classes and more.

Marlene Henny Yoga types

Teacher Training

Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Want to learn how to teach? Marlene Henny offers Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training  YA 200h certifications


Private Programs

This is an opportunity for you to practice any of my private offerings the way you choose. You choose the day, the time and the style of practice.With private classes there is more flexibility on time so a one on one might work out instead. This allows you the space in your week to get to a practice.

Beach Yoga

Yoga Retreats

Ever wanted to go for a Yoga Retreat? You might get excited about Ignite with your Spark Yoga Retreat!

Yoga Child's Pose

Corporate Yoga

Reduce stress and increase energy right in your workplace. Boost productivity and improve focus. There is something for everybody in the practice of yoga. 

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Video Training

Learn differents styles of yoga like Vinyasa Yoga and Core Flow Yoga from the comfort of your home. 

Yoga Class


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready for the next step in your Yoga journey? Wether you like to develop your practice more and dive in deep or would like to teach, this Teacher Training will help you on this journey



“The Boost I Needed.”


“Best Trainer
in Vinyasa Yoga. Love it!


"Inspiring and   Amazing!


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